Ultrafiltration machines, built to comply with pertinent standard for industry. Versatile, flexible UItrafiltration machines for treatment of raw water as well as deionized water.


  • Pretreatment
  • Primary Treatment
  • Final Polishing
  • Specifications

    • OAPmod60-9 element made of PVC hollow fiber ∅9” (23mm)
    • Backwash pump – Use also for Clean-In-Place (CIP)
    • PLC to control frequency and backwash steps
    • Necessary protection against high differential pressure between feed & product
    • Automatic air operated valves, as well as manual adjustment valve and sample points
    • Chemical dosing system for sodium hypochlorite in backwash
    • HFlow indicators for Product, Concentrate, Backwash
    • Pressure indicators for Feed, Product, Concentrate, Backwash
    • Piping & fitting made of PVC
    • Visual and audible alarms
    • Graphic with various diodes indicating the automatic valves status
    • Optional

      • Flow monitoring C/W 4 to 20 mA output signals
      • Chemical dosing system on the feed
      • Custom specified PLC and panel view
      • Automatic backwash disc filter



Standard OAP Units

  • MStandard 10m3/h – 70m3/h Systems
  • 380V 3Ph 50Hz (Control circuit at 220V 1Ph 50Hz)
  • 460V 3Ph 60Hz (Control circuit at 110V 1Ph 60Hz)


  • Above nominal capacities are base on a feed water turbidity < 1 NTU. At higher turbidity, up to 15 NTU, the capacities indicated above will have to be decreased accordingly.