Aspirator Aerator

Category: Aerators


  • Single motor
  • No gearbox, direct drive
  • Shallow ponds
  • WWTW with flow <1Ml/day
  • Golf courses and irrigation ponds
  • Development and farm ponds
  • Aquaculture
  • Algae control


Aspirator Aerator

Area of use

The original Aire-O2 Aerator was designed and patented in 1974 to prevent fish kills as the lakes in Northern USA froze over each winter. The mixing kept the frozen layer at bay and the oxygen ensured that the fish were able to survive the winter. The Aire-O2 Aspirator Aerator quickly became the go to machine for lake restoration and water control in ponds.


The Aspirator uses a high speed motor to drive a propeller at the end of a HOLLOW shaft. This causes a vacuum effect and pulls atmospheric air down the shaft, which is then broken down into 2,2mm sized bubbles and pushed into the water body. This directional aeration ensures that even large water bodies can be controlled by this mixing and aeration device.

Series 275

The series 275 Aspirator is a workhorse and the most popular aerator on offer. Available from 1,5 up to 5,5 kW only. This model has the same essential design features and advantages of the original Aspirator. Offering a shortened stainless steel shaft and one-piece unifloat allows this aerator to be extremely cost effective while also being small and light enough to be carried in comfort by two people, yet powerful enough to treat surprisingly large ponds.

The Series 275 aspirator aerator is the first choice in the upgrade of Oxidation ponds in South Africa for municipalities, sports lovers and farmers alike.