Triton Process Aerator/Mixer

Category: Aerators


  • Fine bubble aeration <2,2mm sized bubbles
  • Dual – functionality in that there is precision controlled aeration and mixing that allows for biological nutrient removal
  • Horizontal mixing resulting in complete basin circulation and destratification
  • No gearbox, direct drive
  • A small footprint as deep mixing equals reduced civil costs
  • Mixes and aerates up to 10m deep
  • Sizes 4 – 55 kW


Aire – O2 product brochure

Area of use

The Aire-O2 Triton aerator is ideal for most applications that require the introduction of oxygen into a liquid. This includes all of the commonly used biological wastewater treatment processes that use aerated tanks, basins, ponds, and/or structures to implement the process. Typical applications include industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities employing aerated lagoons, equalisation basins, activated sludge systems, secondary aerobic digesters, and similar processes.

Because the Triton can operate either as an aerator/mixer or as a mixer only, the Triton is ideally suited for wastewater treatment processes utilising biological nitrification and denitrification. In the nitrification phase, both aeration and mixing are performed simultaneously. In the identification phase, aeration is stopped and the unit operates simply as a highly efficient mixer to facilitate the denitrification process.


The system optimises the combination of hydraulic and aeration efficiency necessary to accomplish higher oxygen transfer, superior mixing, and allow unsurpassed control of the activated sludge process environment. Biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes are easier to regulate and more cost effective by combining mixing and aeration in one compact unit with independent aeration control.

Aeration and mixing mode: Air is pressurised using a high efficiency regenerative blower. The air is forced down a hollow shaft into the proprietary Powermix propeller/saturn ring design. The Saturn ring sheers the air into fine bubbles and enhances the nitrification process while the Powermix propeller forces the air into a downward direction, dramatically increasing bubble residence time and increasing oxygen transfer.

As a surface mounted energy efficient fine bubble aerator the applications are endless. Maintenance is done in-situ without the need for cranes, or draining the reactor. This lowers downtime and overall cost of ownership of the equipment. The Aire-O2 Triton can be mounted on bridges, walkways, walls or even on floating platforms.