Vertical Shaft Aerator

Category: Aerators


  • Very high oxygen input efficiency in standard conditions
  • Stable oxygen input efficiency in time
  • Physical impossibility of fouling or clogging
  • High alpha factor especially with a high concentration of activated sludge oxygen transfer of 10 to 450 kg O2/h and per unit
  • Fully accessible without the need for draining the tanks
  • Large agitation capacity (up to 6 m depth)
  • Easy propulsion capacity (oxidation ditch)
  • Power adjustment
  • No bearing in contact with the water
  • Very low maintenance
  • Lifetime > 20 years
  • International references


Airmax product brochure

Less Energy

The development of the AIRMAX aerator has demonstrated that in order to use less energy, the diameter of the propeller has to be large, which leads to a lower rotation speed. The shape of the blades is also of primordial importance. Energy efficiency is stable over a wide range of speeds, 12 blades reduces wave size at impact, which in turn reduces wear on gearboxes.

Better mixing

At a given power level, an aerator with a large diameter and therefore operating at low-speed, guarantees proper mixing at a deep level as well as circulation to ensure that the sludge is brought or maintained in suspension in the water.

Simplicity and Reliability

Our years of experience have enabled us to evolve towards a simple, effective and reliable design, in line with our customers’ long-term investment requirements. The gearboxes are lubricated at a low temperature, so that there is almost no wear.

Only Hansen Vertical design gearboxes are used for Kamps Aerators. These are the only gearboxes on the market that were designed for Aerators which are vertical applications. All other suppliers have taken horizontal gearboxes and turned them on their side, which is why the Hansen vertical designed gearboxes are the only gearboxes that are able to last more than 20 years in Aerator applications.