Counter Pressure System

Category: Head of works


  • Decreased disposal costs
  • Highest level of volume and weight reduction
  • Removal of odour and nuisance of screenings
  • Screenings are shredded and ready for incineration
  • SWP + CPS achieves DS content of 50-60%


MEVA product brochure

Area of use

The MEVA CPS is a market leader and provides unsurpassed dryness and volume reduction to the screenings.

The combination of MEVA SWP and MEVA’s patented CPS-X results in a product which is optimal for incineration. With DS content of between 50 & 60%, the MEVA CPS is unequalled. By adding the CPS the detention time and washing function in the SWP is enhanced, as well as the water removal.


Attached to the Screw Wash Press, the CPS provides a high counter pressure, which creates a blockage to allow the SWP to press against a stationary plate. This ensures maximum dewatering of screenings. Screenings are then shredded before discharge which ensures the screenings are optimally prepared for incineration.

By exchanging the press pipe with a CPS-X, the discharged screenings show a 50% volume reduction.