Monoscreen / Step Type Screens

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  • Patented fine screen with slot width 0.5-6 mm
  • Exact slot width during the entire working cycle
  • Fully covering screenings mat
  • High capacity
  • Few moving parts
  • Fully enclosed
  • The highest separation degree of solids on the market
  • High finish guarantees a long life time
  • No wash water required


MEVA product brochure

Area of use

MEVA MONOSCREEN is a self-cleaning fine screen for water treatment with a very high degree of separation of solids from water. Extensive development of this product has led to a high separation at the bottom of the screen, a weak spot in other fine screens on the market when screening slot width is less than 6mm for wash water requirements.

The MEVA MONOSCREEN guarantees the slot width along the entire screening surface and can be operated whilst fully covered by the screening mat. Slot widths 0,5 – 6mm. A 1mm MEVA Monoscreen has similar separation to a 300 micron drum screen, without the accompanying clogging problems or washwater requirements.


The unique patented design gives MEVA Monoscreen several advantages, especially below the water surface and at the bottom of the screen.

The screen’s motion operates within the predetermined slot width for the duration of the working cycle. Due to the progressive movement only a small part of the screenings mat is transported upward during each cycle. This minimises the “rush” of water through the screen that can occur after a traditional screening cycle.

The blockage risk is eliminated by the design as the moving parts never open wider than the actual slot width. It is for this reason that the screenings mat can cover the screen fully during operation. This ensures a very high degree of separation (up to 50% more than other designs). Screenings capture ratio tests results at 83%, which equals that of punched hole screens, however without the need for wash water or brushes.

MEVA Monoscreen can uniquely ensure slot widths as little as 0.5mm for the entire screening surface.

Automatic control

MEVA MOTOSCREEN works intermittently, allowing operation to be adjusted to the incoming flow. A level sensor is installed in the channel in front of the screen. The screen starts when a pre-set water level is reached and operates until the water level is below the pre-set value. The cycle is repeated when the level is reached again.