Rotoscreen / Step Type Screens

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  • Fine screen with slot width 1 – 6 mm
  • Robust design with 3 mm thick stainless steel stationary as well as moving bars
  • High capacity and high separation degree of solids
  • Bar fixings ensuring exact slot width
  • Pivotable
  • Fully enclosed sand resistant anti-blockage protection
  • The widest and largest fine screen on the market
  • High finish guarantees a long life time
  • No wash water required


MEVA product brochure


Area of use

To prevent the pumps, pipes and channels from clogging or blocking, as well as extending the lifespan of the mixers, aerators and dewatering equipment, a good fine screen at the Head of Works is critical.

The MEVA ROTOSCREEN is a strong, self-cleaning fine screen for separation of solids from water. It requires NO wash water, is extremely strong (nett weight is between 2 and 4 times the weight of conventional front rake screens). The Rotoscreen has only one moving part, and a very low flow resistance which results in low head loss. This is an advantage at installations in open channels. It can replace an existing course screen in the existing channel, without affecting the headloss through the channel.


Whilst in operation, the ROTOSCREEN has an exact slot width (3 – 6mm) that is ensured by a robust bar fixing and intermediate spacers. The screen has an automatic anti-blockage protection at the channel bottom which makes the screen more resistant to sand. The screen can be pivoted for servicing and is the most easily accessible screen on the market. It is easy to maintain and clean without dismantling any equipment. The unique drive mechanism minimises the need for maintenance.

These advantages coupled with a high hydraulic capacity and robust design makes the MEVA ROTOSCREEN DS the most durable and modern fine screen on the market.

The MEVA ROTOSCREEN DS is manufactured in different models depending on the discharge height. All models are available in different widths to fit into channels of various sizes. The screens are fully enclosed and equipped with a ventilation connection.

Automatic control

MEVA ROTOSCREEN works intermittently, allowing operation to be adjusted to the incoming flow. A level sensor is installed in the channel in front of the screen. The screen starts when a pre-set water level is reached and operates until the water level is below the pre-set value. The cycle is repeated when the level is reached again. This creates a screenings mat which allows particles even smaller than the slot width to be captured and removed from the treatment system.