Category: Head of works


  • Removal of biodegradable content from screenings
  • Dissolvable organics are returned to the treatment process
  • Major weight and volume reduction of screenings
  • SWP achieves DS content of 40-60%


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Area of use

Due to the increased use of fine screens, the amount of screenings removed from the wastewater flow is constantly increasing.  It is thus imperative to wash the organic matter from the screenings and ensure they remain in the treatment process.  Undissolved organic matter will also be removed and this must also be returned to the process as a liquid.

Using the MEVA Screw Wash Press is thus beneficial to both the process as well as the environment surrounding the waste water treatment works.


Screenings fall vertically into the feed zone from a screen or conveyor. A slow rotating screw combined with wash water is the first step of the washing process. The press zone ensures that solids are dissolved and the dissolved material is discharged back to the channel. An automatic flush cycle ensures that the SWP is cleared of organics before the next cycle of screenings washing and pressing.