Category: Potable water


  • Effluent polishing of wastewater
  • Water reuse
  • Versatile design allows for a wide variety of water treatment applications
  • Raw water filtration
  • Process water filtration
  • Cooling water filtration
  • Pre-filtration before sand filters
  • Pulp and paper industry


DynaDisc product brochure

How it works

Consisting of multiple rotating filter discs, the DynaDisc Filter features a well proven system that uses fine woven filter media. This sophisticated design produces a highly effective filtration process that can achieve high filtration efficiencies.

Water to be filtered is guided into the rotor drum and flows by gravity into the filter discs through openings in the drum, and passes through the filter media on the sides of the discs. Suspended solids are separated and accumulated on the inside of the filter cloth. When the water level inside the filter rotor increases to a pre-set point, the filter rotor starts rotating and the backwash of the filter media starts. The high pressure backwash spray removes the accumulated suspended solids into the reject flume inside the filter. The suspended solids are then discharged via the reject pipe. The discs are submerged to approximately 60% and the water level of the filtrate is kept by a level tank.

Applications are for high flow rates and where small footprints are required. The disc system drastically increases the capacity over standard drum filters, and also should you have a small tear in the filtration cloth, you do not need to replace / repair the entire drum. A new cassette can be fitted by a single person in a short period of time. The new cassette is simply removed from storage and fitted to the Dynadisc filter by unclipping the old and inserting the new cassette, resulting in minimal downtime.