Category: Sludge dewatering


  • Two-belt belt filter press for dewatering sludge (primary and secondary)
  • Gravity drainage section
  • Entry to the EMO belt filter press is at the bottom of the machine
  • Manufactured from stainless steel


Belt Filter Press brochure

Area of use

The two-belt belt filter press is a tried and trusted method for dewatering sludge (primary and secondary).  As we all know that one good belt filter press cannot out perform another good belt filter press in terms of Dry Solids. The dewatering ability is more closely related to the type of sludge and the polymer used.  Having said that, the EMO design offers some benefits which we believe offer a competitive advantage.

  • The Gravity drainage section is always a separate machine for low DS concentrations (typically used when pumped directly from the biological reactors at 4-5g/l). This allows a larger aperture to be used in that machine.
  • Entry to the EMO belt filter press is at the bottom of the machine.
  • The largest percentage of water is removed by the first pressing roller, and this ensures that water is at the bottom of the machine and is discharged directly to the outlet.
  • Bottom entry also allows for a flatter machine which in turn ensure that platforms next to the equipment are not required for inspection and maintenance.
  • All rollers (but one) are the same diameter, which ensures emergency spare parts required on site are reduced to only one roller and one set of bearings.
  • Discharging of dried sludge is also thus at the top of the machine, which allows for easy installation of a screw conveyor below the discharge. Dewatered Sludge transportation from a low level is troublesome due to the sticky thick nature of the product.

Furthermore the EMO Belt Filter Press is manufactured from stainless steel and the design takes into consideration fitting a standard sea freight container (even for the largest model) to minimise transportation costs.