Category: Sludge dewatering

Preferred supplier to manufacturers of Belt filter presses and Linear Screens, the Rai Tillieres Polyester Monofilament belts offer unequalled quality. The weave pattern provides enhanced liquid drainage. The clipper seams are glued, resulting in a no-hook, smooth join. Belts are furthermore head treated to eliminate folding during operation. Lifespan is between 4 and 10 times longer than low cost belts. Try it once, and keep your equipment operating.


  • Designed for the continuous mechanical thickening of municipal or industrial sludge
  • Aims to reduce sludge volume at least 4 times
  • Low energy and polymer consumption
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy and low maintenance and supervision

Area of use

The Gravity Belt Thickener can be used as:

  • Final step to increase the sludge DS concentration to 6-8%. Therefore, replacing conventional gravity static thickener flotation system.
  • Pre-dewatering stage when combined in-line with a Belt Filer Press to optimize the Belt Filter Press operation and performance.
  • Sludge volume reduction before anaerobic digestion process to reduce digester size.

The EMO Gravity Belt Thickener range has been especially designed for very high capacity installation. Its mechanical functions and components have been adapted to process conditions up to 200m3/h of raw sludge per GBT.