Water Resilience Initiative

The unthinkable has happened and we have the very real possibility of our taps running dry. Circuit Water, suppliers of Desalination equipment with Offices in Gauteng, KZN as well as Somerset West and have tendered on most of the projects for the City’s resilience Desalination plan.  The first few temporary desalination plants are under construction and our hope is that the city awards the other tenders, and soon.

In the interim, Circuit Water is playing their part in ensuring Water Security for the Western Cape by trucking down this prepared drinking water from Johannesburg where it is treated by Reverse Osmosis, UV as well as Ozonation.  These are the same processes used in the desalination process producing pure, clean, chlorine free water.  Reverse Osmosis (also referred to as RO) was developed to provide drinking water while out at sea.  Drinking water prepared by Reverse Osmosis removes suspended particles found in water, as well as dissolved contaminants such as salt, nitrates, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, bacteria and many more. This water is the purest you will find, with NO risk of harbouring any contaminants.

In the event of day zero happening we will ensure that delivery frequencies become daily and that we are able to play our part in bringing relief and ease of access to safe, clean drinking water.

The First water shipment is expected to arrive on Wednesday the 7th of February and you may collect between 15:00 and 19:00.  Please note that demand has been very high and so customers who have paid via EFT will be served first after which cash orders will be helped, followed by walk-ins.  Please note that we are not a shop and so card transaction will not be possible.

25L Prepared Drinking Water for R200 – includes container (without tap)

Collection Address : Circuit Water Engineering
Unit D37 Olive Grove Business Park
Ou Paardevlei Rd
Somerset West
15H00 – 19H00

 Please note that we accept two methods of payment:
1. EFT-please forward proof of payment to cape@circuit.co.za.

Bank account details:
Black Oystercatcher Investments 7 PTY LTD
Current account
Acc no: 1101644524
Br code: 198765
Please use Surname and number of units ordered (eg. Botha 2) as reference.
2. Cash on Collection